Depiction of a male Abchanchu

1. Supposed Region of ExistenceEdit

Bolivia, South America

2. PhysiologyEdit

The Abchanchu is a shapeshifting vampire; it's most common form is that of an elderly person in distress. The act as if they are lost, asking for directions or a place to sleep. They will also claim that they are having trouble at home. If you allow them into your home or return them to theirs that is when they attack. If they return to your home, they accept all kindess and thank you very highly. Once you are asleep, the Abcanchu will sneak into your room and drink your blood. If you return them to their homes, they will spring on you the moment you enter their domain. Promising rewards and a warm meal. They will tell you whatever it takes to get you inside. If this does not work, then they will spring upon anyway. If you manage to survive the attack you will still be it's victim, succumbing to a fatal disease the next morning. Their clothes appear embroidered in gold and silver. They appear from a rich family, but have a cold appearance and icy smile. Travlers can protect themselves with an amulet that has a drop of garlic oil on it.

3. HistoryEdit

In the highland plateaus and caves of Boliva is were the Abchanchu lurks. In the early 18th century Abchanchu was confined only to mostly inaccessible regions of the mountains. After a century, their tells began to spread to villages and districts around Bolivia. But they were still indifferent to the eastern vampire myths. As it was the Abchanchu has been more than a vampire at times. Sometimes it was just a malevolent spirit that destroyed crops, caused fires and brought about suspicious deaths. It became like a demon; an old incantation if one thought they heard an abchanchu in a storm was: Come in, come abchanchu, do not do any harm, because Mallcu protects me.

In the region of Uyuni, an abchanchu is still seen as a vampire. With the except that they ask to come in the house late at night, when it's cold and scratch at the windows. Those that do not lock their doors and windows become victims of their attacks.

4. EvidenceEdit

1. None, mostly legends and folklore.

5. Possibility of ExistenceEdit

1. Not probable

6. SourcesEdit

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