1. Place of Birth/DeathEdit

B:? D: July 20, 1582

2. Metaphysical AbilityEdit

Able to perform sorcery and spell casting

3. HistoryEdit

Abel was placed in a Franciscan monastery by his mother. He became enraged at the instructors of novices for beating him. He than began to plot his revenge. He lived in Coulommiers, France and was also known as "The Smasher".

At his trial, Abel confessed that a black spaniel appeared and promised to always come to his aid, if he would surrender himself to the dog.

In 1582, Abel was arrested on charges of sorcery and spell casting, to which he admitted. The dog was never seen and did not rescue him. Abel was found guilty and sentenced to be hanged, garroted, and his body burned. This sentence was carried out on July 20, 1582.

4. Evidence of Metaphysical AbilitiesEdit

There is no real evidence of sorcery or spell casting.

5. Possibility of Metaphysical AbilitiesEdit

1: None; In all possibility Abel de Larue was delusional. Believing this dog or demon would save him from his punishments.

6. Sources Edit

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