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1. Place of OriginEdit

Unknown (possibly Roman)

2. Metaphysical AbilityEdit

Word of power: used to invoke spirits for protection

3. HistoryEdit

The history of the phrase Abracadabra is a long one. And one without beginning; there are many theories about it's origin. Some believe that Quintus Serenus Sammonicus, a 3rd century physician to the Emperor Severus created the term as a cure for fever around 208. The word "Abraxas" is found on many amulets from the last years of the Roman Empire. Of, course it has be speculated that Serenus borrowed this from another much older formula.

Another theory of the words beginnings maybe Aramaic history. The phrase, abhadda kedhabhra meaning "disappear like this word". Another phrase in Hebrew, abreq ad habra or "hurl your thunderbolt even unto death." The word could also be a derivation of the Gnostic God who appears on charms against the evil eye. It could also be corrupted name of some long-forgotten demon.

Most commonly the word is inscribed on amulets and charms in the shape of an inverted triangle. The letters making the points of the Triangle, one letter of the word is dropped in each succedding line until nothing is left. As the letters disappear the malignant force is dispersed. During medival times the charm was written on paper and tied around the neck with flax. It was worn for nine days, then tossed over the shoulder into a stream running toward the east.

The Puritan minister Increase Mather dismissed the phrase altogether. Saying it was a "hobgoblin word" or having no power at all. Although Aleister Crowley claimed the word held great power. He claimed that it's true form is Abrahadabra. This claim is the most modern; after this the word became more a fancy than fact. As the word today is only heard by modern magicians and illusionists. Their use of the word is for the pretend invocation of magic.

It's believed by some that the over use of this phrase has diminished it's magical power.

4. Evidence of Metaphysical AbilitiesEdit

Physical evidence and ancient literary documentation.

5. Possibility of Metaphysical AbilitiesEdit

1. None; Despite charms and ancient texts, there is no documentation of any of these actually having a Metaphysical effect on anyone or anything.

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