An artists depiction of the Acheri.

1. Supposed Region of ExistenceEdit

India and the Southwestern United States

2. PhysiologyEdit

A plague baring spirit that looks like a frail and sick girl with a pale complexion. It is attracted by human movement. When it finds it's prey it will hide amongst the community. Until a large gathering, (festival, birthday, etc..), at which time the Acheri will join along, sing and dancing. It will seek out a child, then casting it's shadow upon them; they will be stricken with some horrible illness. Which will then spread throughout the community.

The Acheri is said to live in mountainous areas. The come down at night to find prey. The only defense against the Acheri is to wear something red. And the only way to kill the creature is to wrap a Medicine Woman's red cloth around it's neck.

3. HistoryEdit

The Acheri is believed to have once been a child who was killed by some painful disease. Where the Acheri legend originates is not known. But it is interesting that the native americans knew of this creature; as well as the Hindu culture.

There has been a claimed sighting by the Rush City Paranormal Society. As they were performing a paranormal investigation, they snapped a photo of a "supposed" Acheri. This is the only sighting to take place in modern times, that has been found.

4. EvidenceEdit

Other than a recent photograph that has not been scientifically screened, there is no other evidence.

5. Possibility of ExistenceEdit

1. None: Until more evidence is presented.

6. SourcesEdit

  • Monster of the Week: Acheri - By: Octavio Ramos
  • RCPS Acheri Demon Encounter - Rush City Paranormal Society

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