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The Adze in it's firefly form.

1. Supposed Region of Existence[]

Southern Togo, Ghana, and Benin, Africa


The Adze at first appears as firefly, but if captured it will turn back into it's human form. The reason they chose to disguise themselves as insects is so that may crawl in through the keyholes in doors. They will then approach a victim and drink their blood. They prefer the blood of children especially infants. Despite it's size the creature does massive damage. It has been known to drain a child completely. While at the same time it carries diseases that could infect the whole family. They have also been reported to drink palm oil or coconut milk if it can't find a supply of blood. This has lead to depletion of a villages entire supply. It draws blood from the thumb and stays in firefly form.

Artist depiction of a Adze in human form.

When in insect form the Adze is indestructible. Nothing can stop them, no amount of magic, insecticide, or net will keep them at bay. But if one does manage to capture one and it reverts back to it's human form, then it can be killed. The Adze is very agile and not captured often. Though it should be noted that it's actually more dangerous in human form than the latter. Being captured it turns into a hunchback quasi-human state, where it possess great talons and feeds upon not only the blood, but also the heart and liver of its potential captor.

It can also use magic to posses it's intended victim and use them as mediums. This puts the prey in a zombie like state. Eventually this person will become sick and die.

3. History[]

The Adze is a vampiric being in Ewe folklore, the Ewe are located in Togo and Ghana. Aside from the details above there is not much history on the Adze. When this tale started is not entirely certain. It's believed to be an attempt to warn of mosquitos and malari.

4. Evidence[]


5. Possibility of Existence[]

1. Not probable: It's a creature used to warn of disease spreading insects

6. Sources[]

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