Wayne Barlowe Eastern Afrit

Depiction of an Afrit by Tim Powers.

1. Supposed Region of ExistenceEdit

Arabian Peninsula

2. PhysiologyEdit

The Afrit is a vampiric spirit which means "blood-drinking nomad." When a person is murdered the spot where there very last drop of lifeblood falls, is where the Afrit is created. It has been described as a winged pillar of smoke, to devilish in appearance. To prevent the Afrit from rising from the ground one must drive a nail into the spot of blood from which it arose.

3. HistoryEdit

The Afrit is not a singluar being; It is one of five other entities. These entities are Jinni in nature, so to say the Arit is solely a vampire is not entirely accurate. It is the spirit of a murdered person, but it's also the cruelest of all Jinni. It has been said just to look upon them will cause you to be overcome with fear.

It is a ruthless as well, kidnapping people and transforming others to please themselves. They are the second most powerful Jinni. But if one manages to destroy one, it shapeshift constantly. From smoke to demon; from fruit to flame, until the Afrit is dead.

4. EvidenceEdit

None, all accounts of the Afrit are from stories and legends.

5. Possibility of ExistenceEdit

1. Not probable: Just an interesting character in storybooks

6. SourcesEdit

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