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Ben Mowbray's depiction of an Algul.

1. Supposed Region of Existence[]

Arabian Penisula

2. Physiology[]

The Algul appears as a normal female human. Though this is far from the case as the Algul is more like a Djinn or demon. It feeds like a ghoul in that it's a corpse eater. Preferring dead children, the Algul will stalk around cemeteries waiting to feed on the dead or living.

The Algul is almost unkillable by normal methods. Only fire and magic have been known to destroy an Algul.

3. History[]

Though not much history is known about the Algul, there is a story in the book 'One Thousand and One Nights' which mentions it.

4. Evidence[]

None, that has been found yet.

5. Possibility of Existence[]

1. Not probable; interesting Arabian vampire fairy tale. 

6. Sources[]

  • A vampire by any other name by CRBS
  • Ben Mowbray's Photos
  • Algul

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