UVB-76, a.k.a "The Buzzer"

The nickname that radio listeners have given a radio station. There are two transmitter sites near the town of Novopriozerskoye sh. Leningradskaya oblast', Russia; while another broadcasts the same signal from unnamed Rd, Moskovskaya oblast', Russia 143301.  


Sometime in 1982 "The Buzzer " began broadcasting at a frequency of 4625 kHz. It was a repeating 2 second pip, changing to a buzzer in the early 1990's.  It changed to a higher tone with longer duration on 16 January 2003; approximately 20 tones per minute where reported.  It has since reverted to the previous tone pattern.  

The broadcast is a monotonous buzzing tone, repeating at a rate of approximately 25 tones per minute, for 24 hours per day.  This transmitted using AM with a suppressed lower sideband (R3E), but it has also used double-sideband AM

Radio Station UVB-76 (The Buzzer)

Radio Station UVB-76 (The Buzzer)

Radio Station UVB-76 (The Buzzer)

(A3E).  The sound lasts 1.2 seconds, pausing between 1-1.3 seconds, and repeats 21-34 times per minute.

On November 2010, the tones lasted aproximately 0.8 seconds each.  One minute before the hour, the repeating tone was replaced by a continuous, uninterrupted alternating tone, which continues for 1 minute before the short repeating buzz resumes; although this hasn't occurred since June 2010.  

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